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About us

Our common goal: to help and support all foreign nationals living on Fuerteventura.
Where are we? Our Corralejo office is on Calle Lepanto. If you're facing the health centre, you'll find us by walking up the road to the left of it.

From L-R: Back – Mags, Mel, Phil, Rob. Front – Tara, Elaine, Ali

We are a close-knit team of non-Spanish residents with a common goal: to help and support foreign nationals living on Fuerteventura.

Born of a desire to provide this support and help, and to better life for all foreign residents, we strive to be that friend you can turn to when guidance and advice are required, or when times are tough.

We work in tandem with the local and national authorities across Fuerteventura, with the British Consulate, and with Age in Spain to guarantee accurate, reliable, up-to-date information is forwarded to you, the members.

Much of our work falls into the following categories:

  • Helping acquire residency status for EU nationals, and visas and residency for non-EU nationals.
  • Forming social projects designed to ease the burden for some of society’s most vulnerable people. Our home help service, for example, is helping make people’s lives that little bit more comfortable.
  • Translation.
  • Helping members efficiently manoeuvre through bureaucratic red tape – medical, social security and more.
  • Facilitating the integration of foreign nationals by providing high quality, low cost Spanish language classes. To date, over 250 of our members have benefitted from these classes, which are given by experienced, qualified native speakers.
  • Helping foreigners set up businesses and move to the island.
  • Accompanying members to  hospital appointments both here and on other islands .

But that list above is by no means exhaustive. We pride ourselves on taking on whatever challenges our members face. And although we certainly don’t claim to know all of the answers ourselves, our promise to you is that we will explore every avenue open to us until we find those answers. If you have a question, we want to know.

We are the only officially recognised association of this kind on Fuerteventura, and all of the advice we provide is 100% free of charge. So, you can trust us and feel confident in the fact that you will not be faced with the kind of charges you might be with others offering similar services.

We currently have members from 27 different countries.

If you’re a foreign national and need advice about life on Fuerteventura, get in touch.

The founders

Alison Brophy

I’m Ali.
In a previous life, I worked as a cast member at Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, and a licensee managing big teams for a leading leisure company before taking the plunge and moving to Corralejo in 1997.
Along with Elaine, I ran our children’s AMPA (parent-teacher association), seeing

Elaine Turner

I’m Elaine, and in my 28 years living on Fuerteventura, I’ve worked in virtually every area of tourism.
At one point, I was the sole representative here for Jet2 holidays. I grew that business and ended up being a Destination Manager responsible for a team of 45 whose job was to provide world-beating service and customer care. That role saw

Rob Nelson

After several holidays in the mid-90s, my other half and I moved to Corralejo in early 1998.
Almost from the moment I arrived, I have been involved in entertainment, djing and bar management.
For the past five years, I have also worked at Corralejo’s La Academia de Inglés, teaching English to local school children.


How do we help foreign residents on Fuerteventura?

Face-to-face help and advice in our office.

Technology is a fabulous thing and allows us to achieve so much from the comfort of our homes. But, sometimes, you simply can’t beat sitting down with someone and having a proper conversation when you have questions that need answering.

So, three times a week, we open up the doors to our offices in Corralejo and Caleta de Fuste,  and invite you to pop in for a natter about whatever it is you need help with. There’s always a new issue to tackle.

For a snapshot of the kinds of things we help with, just have a look at the rave reviews our happy members have given us in our testimonials section.

Fancy a chat? All we ask is that you drop us a line at [email protected] to arrange an appointment. That way, there’s no wasting time waiting around.

Office hours in Corralejo: Wednesdays and Fridays 11.30 – 13.30

Where? Calle Lepanto (just up the side of the health centre).

And if you’re in Caleta de Fuste, you can join us on Thursdays 12pm – 2pm  at:

The Chocolate Shop

Avenida Juan Ramon Soto Morales

Centro Comercial Castillo Plaza

Local 1

(That’s next door to the town hall, over the road from Fado Steakhouse and The Stepp Inn.)

Spanish lessons

Our Spanish courses run throughout the school year. A variety of levels is catered for, ranging from a zero knowledge Spanish class for those people who know literally nothing, to an advanced class where students who already speak the language get to polish their skills.

Intensive courses are run for the duration of a month. They are generally 20 or 50 hours long and are given almost entirely in Spanish. They are an excellent way to learn the language with genuine immersion for the whole month. And from what we’re told, they’re a lot of fun too! Oh, and we’re even running them in July this year!

Current courses run from Monday to Friday from 9am till 11.30am. For availability on all courses, please email Tara at: [email protected] 

Following the school calendar year, we also run 2-hour a week courses for the people who don’t have the spare time an intensive course requires. They take place during the afternoons with group sizes being a maximum of 12 students. There are several groups, so there’ll be one to suit your level, and there is a degree of flexibility if you find yourself improving and needing to move up a level.

If you’re in Corralejo and want high-quality Spanish lessons at unbeatable prices, we’ve got just what you need.

Home help

At some point, many of us need a little extra help and support. Whether it be through illness, injury ,or simply the passing of years, everyday tasks that we take for granted can become almost impossible.

Perhaps you need someone to help clean your home. It might be that getting to the supermarket to buy the weekly shop is proving difficult. It may even be that you’d like a bit of company from time to time.

Whatever it is, Stronger Together is supporting those in need in Fuerteventura.

If you or someone you know requires this kind of assistance, get in touch today. We just have the help you need.

Fun times

We’re not just here to help you when times get tough. We’re committed to developing a greater sense of community in Fuerteventura. Social events such as playing badminton and pool, along with pádel competitions, are a great way for members to meet new friends and try out new activities.

Become a Member

Check out our list of offers for members

  • LZT Consulting – Asesoria services – 10% discount
  • Avalon Funeral Plans – 115€ discount on a funeral plan
  • Koh Phangan – 10% discount on all treatments.
  • 5th Ave. – 10% discount off bill
  • M&A Housecare property mgt. – 15% discount
  • Abyss Diving – 10% any dive course or EFR course.
  • Nineteen Hair Salon – 15% discount
  • Flicks karaoke & disco bar – Free exclusive cocktail with the first drink
  • 10% discount at Nana
  • 50% discount on Stronger Together membership when you switch to Lobster Mobile
  • 10% discount at Blue Coral
  • 10% discount at Art Café
  • 10% discount at Burger Stars
  • webandsun – 15% off website design

Our Testimonials

Still unsure? See what our happy members have to say about us.

Complete Peace Of Mind

We joined stronger together shortly after it started and bless the day we did. Having retired to a foreign country, we’re too old to to learn the language fluently and find

The Perfect Guide

“Stronger Together” sums up exactly what the team does.
While living in “Paradise” Fuerteventura, and being an expat (more so now with

They Get The Job Done

Stronger Together helped me submit my application for a TIE, amongst all the Brexit fallout this has been very helpful, for a very reasonable fee you just need to send…

Nothing´s Ever Too Much

The whole team are so helpful, they got my TIE for me, they bend over backwards to help you, nothing is any bother to them they didn’t just help me also my two friends

Unbelievable Service And Value

Stronger Together are a Group dedicated to helping others, not just expats from the UK but, all expats living and working in Fuerteventura.

They Fight For You When Others Give Up

Despite our attempts ( in admittedly our far from perfect Spanish) to find our what was needed to obtain our C19 vaccination, we were met with a lot of rudeness, unlpfu-

Everything Is Done In A Professional But Really Friendly Manner

Just a quick note to say thanks for a really good job. I’m glad I decided to talk to you about my situation. It was really easy to communicate with such a friendly team. It

You'll Never Want To Use Anyone Else Again

Last year, after we had given a so called expert a lot of money to help us organise our Spanish documents, things went wrong. We were in despair when we were told that

We Didn't Think We'd Ever Learn Spanish. They Proved Us Wrong!

Having tried various way of learning Spanish and never really sticking to one hubby and I embarked on a course with stronger together. We have loved every

Our Magazine

Heard about Breeze magazine yet?

No? Well, Stronger Together Fuerteventura publishes its very own magazine – Breeze.
Do you fancy more than just scratching the surface when it comes to discovering more about Fuerteventura?
How about being entertained while you learn?
Sound good?
Then Breeze is a must read. And if you’re not on the island, it might just make you feel like you are.
And the best bit …
If you can’t get your hands on one of the highly sought-after print editions, don’t worry. It’s right here in digital form.
So although we could talk about what’s inside and what to expect, we won’t.
Why? Because you’ll enjoy it more if you just click on one of the issues below and see for yourself.

or read our flipbook version by clicking below
or read our flipbook version by clicking below
or read our flipbook version by clicking below
or read our flipbook version by clicking below
or read our flipbook version by clicking below

Our Blog

Do I need a visa to live in Fuerteventura?

We give you all the information you need.

How do I bring my stuff and pet to Fuerteventura?

We give you all the information you need.

So what's this ‘comunidad’ thing?

We give you all the information you need.

Can I rent out my property to tourists in Fuerteventura?

We give you all the information you need.

Can I really work from Fuerteventura?

We give you all the information you need.

What's this pádel game everyone's on about??

We give you all the information you need.

Can I vote here in Fuerteventura?

We give you all the information you need.

Are you EU national and want to vote?

We give you all the information you need.

Blog Wellness

What about wellness on the island?

Find out about the different wellness options Fuerteventura offers

Stars at night in Fuerteventura

One of the most impressive excursions of the  island

Alison Brophy

I’m Ali.
In a previous life, I worked as a cast member at Epcot at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, and a licensee managing big teams for a leading leisure company before taking the plunge and moving to Corralejo in 1997.
Along with Elaine, I ran our children’s AMPA (parent-teacher association), seeing record numbers sign up, while also running Flicks Bar, which I still own to this day.
I have always appreciated the need for an organisation that could provide local residents with the help and support they need to integrate into the wonderful local society.
It wasn’t until lockdown, however, that I had the time and opportunity to begin to turn my thoughts into something more concrete. It was then that Stronger Together was born.
In my downtime, I try to take full advantage of the wonderful things Fuerteventura has to offer, and I love spending time with my daughter, Tara.

Elaine Turner

I’m Elaine, and in my 25 years living on Fuerteventura, I’ve worked in virtually every area of tourism.
At one point, I was the sole representative here for Jet2 holidays. I grew that business and ended up being Destination Manager responsible for a team of 45 whose job was to provide world-beating service and customer care.
That role saw me initiate, develop and maintain solid relationships with:
• hotel owners and directors
• law firms
• transport agencies
• airport management
• catering firms
• The British Consulate
In short, everyone and anyone that is needed to make a great holiday company tick.
And these bonds made are as strong today as they have ever been.
But I consider my greatest relationships to have been those with my teams. Having the right people in the right jobs, and motivating them to be their best day in, day out is key. Because that’s what elevates one company above another. That’s what makes the difference. That’s what delivers success.
And this was illustrated perfectly in 2016\17 when I was honoured to receive Jet2’s prestigious award on behalf of my team for providing the best customer care of any Jet2 team anywhere in the world.
So, with my experience, knowledge and drive, I believe I’m uniquely qualified to steer this project to the potentially frightening heights it deserves to to reach.

Rob Nelson

After several holidays in the mid-90s, my other half and I moved to Corralejo in early 1998.
Almost from the moment I arrived, I have been involved in entertainment, djing and bar management.
For the past four years, I have also worked at Corralejo’s La Académia de Inglés, teaching English to local school children. It’s a fantastic and extremely rewarding way in which to feel connected to, and part of, the local community.
Working with Stronger Together, seeing the many ways in which the association has helped its members, and experiencing the difference it continues to make to people’s lives is tremendously gratifying and often humbling.
When not working, I’m often seen at the gym or having a beer with friends.

Sign up

Just pop your email address in the box below, and we’ll tell you everything you need to join our special family.

Everything's Made So Simple.

We joined stronger together shortly after it started and bless the day we did. Having retired to a foreign country, we’re too old to learn the language fluently and find out all the wrinkles of Spanish bureaucracy. Not to worry, they will do it all for you. Although we had NIE cards, these were changed after Brexit to TIE and all we had to do was meet Ali and Elaine at the Police station and sign/fingerprint. They made the appointments, pre-paid the tax and fees and it was all done. Simples! Their charges are most acceptable and they couldn’t be more helpful and friendly. Don’t delay, join today.

Best wishes to you Ali, Elaine and Rob.

Cheers, John and Carol.

Steve & Dani

“Stronger Together” sums up exactly what the team does.
While living in “Paradise” Fuerteventura, and being an expat (more so now with Brexit) does bring up issues that we needed help with.
And this is where team at “Stronger Together” have an continues to deliver.
Knowing you can speak to a team member, email, mobile or at the office as been so comforting. Nothing is too much trouble.
Keep up the great support work you offer so many people.

Steve & Dani Smith

The Got A ´Yes´ When Others Had Told Us ´No´.

Stronger Together helped me submit my application for a TIE, amongst all the Brexit fallout this has been very helpful, for a very reasonable fee you just need to send your documents and they do the rest.

Thanks to the Association I now also have a Covid vaccination appointment, Alison was a hero pushing through the Spanish bureaucracy to get members who signed up into the system when we’d been told it was a no-go.

I’m very pleased, proud and thankful to be a member of Stronger Together.

Alon Cohen.

You Never Like You're Asking Too Much.

The whole team are so helpful, they got my TIE for me , they bend over backwards to help you, nothing is any bother to them , they didn’t just help me also my two friends Mags and Nick , I cant recommend them enough.

Kind Regards

Ross McGregor

Top Service and Unbeatable Value

Stronger Together are a Group dedicated to helping others, not just expats from the UK but, all expats living and working in Fuerteventura.
This kind of Group where you can meet the team personally, if you need to, to discuss issues is so necessary during these uncertain times.
The Group has worked tirelessly during their first two years to provide all manner of helpful services at reduced costs for Stronger Together members. Well done!
My family and I think the membership fee of €25 per annum (approx.5 cents a day) per person is great value for money.
When I have asked for advice, help, or assistance I have received it. What more can I say?

Thanks to all the team at Stronger Together.

Rosemary, Allan, and Phil Johnson

They Succeed Where Others Fail.

Despite our attempts ( in admittedly our far from perfect Spanish) to find our what was needed to obtain our C19 vaccination, we were met with a lot of rudeness, unhelpfulness and quite frankly a lot of incorrect information.

Stronger Together were able to assist us with correct information and after a very short time we were able to obtain our Tarjeta Sanitaria, then our C19 vaccination.

They have been an absolute godsend and we have no hesitation in recommending this association and of course using their services again when the need arises.

Lynda and John Fletcher

It's Like Talking To A Friend. A Really Clever Friend.

Just a quick note to say thanks for a really good job. I’m glad I decided to talk to you about my situation. It was really easy to communicate with such a friendly team. It was just like having a friend hold my hand and answer my questions. Friendly quick and honest service.

Thanks, guys

Gail Schrivener

We´ll Never Use Anyone Else Again. Stronger Together Delivers.

Last year, after we had given a so called expert a lot of money to help us organise our Spanish documents, things went wrong. We were in despair when we were told that because this person had not answered an email our application for our TIE had been archived. A very good friend suggested we called Elaine or Alison at Stronger Together . We made an appointment, and from the first minute we sat down opposite Elaine and told her our story, we could start and relax.

The team at Stronger together do not make false promises, when they make an appointment they turn up. When they deal with a problem they follow it through until the problem is solved. Emails are answered and if they do not know the answer they find out the answer rather than telling you rubbish.

We have not hesitated to recommend their service to many people with very similar problems and we have been thanked for our recommendation.

If you are having problems dealing with Spanish bureaucracy, the best thing you can do is put your faith in the Stronger together team. But don’t just take my word for it , ask them and see how they work for you.

Sheila Vine

We're Finally Learning Spanish, And It's Fun. Amazing Value.

Having tried various way of learning Spanish and never really sticking to one hubby and I embarked on a course with stronger together.

We have loved every class and longer dread going to a Spanish lessons. Lessons have been at a great place, fun and informative and things are actually starting make sense. The course is coming to an end for the summer now and we really hope we can continue when the next batch of classes start.

Many thanks.

Hannah and Simon Mackay.

How do I benefit from being a member?

Our members get to ask for as much advice as they like – absolutely free of charge.
Whatever your problem, we’ll find out how to solve it, and that won’t cost you a penny. So you can ask away, safe in the knowledge that you won’t be hit with a bill.
But that’s not all. As a member, you’re entitled to exclusive discounts at some fantastic local businesses, and our highly-discounted Spanish lessons are impossible to beat for value.

So what kind of services do you offer?

We’ve helped members sort out issues related to:

  • Brexit
  • registering with the health authority
  • getting vaccinated against Covid-19
  • setting up businesses
  • buying property applying for visas
  • dealing with the aftermath of a death
  • learning Spanish
  • hospital visits and treatment


And each week, there’s a new challenge to take on. Whatever your problem, we’re here to help.

So everything is free?

All of the advice we give you is completely free. If you then want help to act on that advice, we’re here for you. For a fraction of what others charge, we’ll hold your hand through any process. Having an experienced bi-lingual team member as your partner means you’re guaranteed peace of mind at an affordable rate.

What if I need a translator?

Again, we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s a simple matter of sorting out an appointment , or needing a court-recognised legal translator, we have someone fully qualified to fit the bill.
What if I want someone to accompany me to my hospital appointment?
No problem. Hospital visits can be daunting at the best of times. We can remove the language barrier and, just as importantly, provide a bit of moral support when you need it most.

This all sounds great.
But why should I trust you?

Social media, and the Internet in general, is awash with inaccurate information, and Dave down the pub might not necessarily be your best source of reliable advice.
We deal exclusively with The British Consulate, Age in Spain, and local and national authorities. This means our information comes directly from the horse’s mouth. It’s accurate, it’s reliable, and it’s dependable.

Still not sure? Why not read what our happy members say about our services in our testimonial section?

Do I need a visa to live in Fuerteventura?

So you want to live in Fuerteventura, right?
Yes, and I’m an EU national. Then the process is generally quite quick and straightforward.
Ah, but I’m not an EU national. Okay. Non-EU nationals need a visa if they want to spend more than 90 out of any 180 days.

What kind of visa do I need? Well, that depends on what you want to do. There are working visas, study visas and residency visas, for example.

But which visa is right for me? How do I apply for a visa to live in Fuerteventura?
Who can help me apply for a visa to live in Fuerteventura?

If these are the kinds of questions you’re asking yourself, our article in Issue 1 may well be of help. Breeze spoke to Enrique Sanchez, a Spanish lawyer based in Liverpool, and picked his expert brain.

Click on the link and turn to page 44 to read the article.–yhhpmneh4

What's this pádel game everyone's on about?

So what exactly is pádel?

You’ve probably heard people chatting about this pádel thing, or perhaps you’ve seen those things that look like mini tennis courts.

I bet you didn’t know, though, that pádel is the most popular sport in Spain after football, and that it’s the fastest growing sport in the world.

And yes, it is played on what looks like a small tennis court, and the rules due follow those of tennis for the main part. 

But, there are some differences. Serving is underarm. You only play doubles. And then there’s this thing with being able to play the ball off the walls that surround the courts. It’s kind of a mix between tennis and squash in that respect.

I can almost hear you thinking ‘these kind of things take ages to learn’ or ‘sounds like you need to fit for that’. Nope and nope.

One of the real beauties of this game is that anyone can pick up a racket and start playing straight away – young, old, fit or unfit. And another is that it’s a hugely social game. It gets better, too. You’ll meet new people and make new friends, and you’ll hit those steps that your phone keeps bugging you to take.

Let’s be honest. That’s a very brief and not very comprehensive overview of what’s a highly addictive game.

But if your interest has been piqued, click on the link below. It’ll sweep you over to Breeze Magazine’s article, and it’ll show you how to dip your toe into the water and get that first game. 

You’ll be hooked before you know it.–yhhpmneh4

Oh, and just to be clear, it’s pronounced similarly to the English word ‘paddle’, and not ‘paDEL’.

So what's this ‘comunidad’ thing?

Congratulations! You’ve done it.

You’ve bought your dream home or holiday place in Fuerteventura.
You’ve dealt with the bank, paid your taxes and have your keys. Sorted.
It’s time to sit back and relax. There’s no more money to cough up.
Well, not quite. If your house or apartment is on any kind of complex, the likelihood is that’ll there will be a ‘comunidad’ or ‘community’. And you’re in it!
In short, it’s a group made up of the property owners that decides upon the rules home owners must abide by, and it manages the day-to-day running of things. For example, the comunidad will decide what colour properties can be painted, who’s contacted to clean the complex, and how monies are spent.
So where do these monies come from? Well, from you. And every other property owner.
So now you’re asking yourself, ’How much comunidad will I pay?’ The helpful answer is ‘it depends’. Got a communal pool and lift? That’s going to add a fair bit. Got a team of cleaners coming in? Again, that’s going sting a bit and bump up your monthly quota.
Who runs the comunidad? How is a comunidad run? There are loads of questions you’ll want answers to, so if you want a more in depth account of the ins and outs, you’d be wise to take a look at Issue 4 of Breeze. 

Can I rent out my property to tourists in Fuerteventura?

You’ve just had a thought. Your holiday home here is empty for long periods of time.

You start wondering, ‘can I rent out my home in Fuerteventura?’
Well guess what. It’s another case of ‘it depends’.
A system was introduced some years back by the Canarian government to regulate private holiday rentals. Perhaps you’ve seen VV plaques on buildings’ walls. Standing for ‘vivienda vacacional’, a VV licence is what you need to legally rent out your property. It means you’ve met certain standards and are paying your taxes!
Renting out a property without a VV licence could end you in hot water – to be clear, that means BIG fines. And anyone going into a property without a VV needs to know that their insurance is invalid. It’s really not worth the risk, is it now?
Want to know a bit more about how to get a VV licence in Fuerteventura?

Click on the link to Breeze magazine issue 3, and turn to page 46.

Can I really work from Fuerteventura?

Covid changed things. Lots of things, in fact. And Fuerteventura was no exception when it came to undergoing a bit of a transformation.

Remote workers in Fuerteventura weren’t really a group you’d previously come across. But, let’s face it, if you can work from anywhere in the world, why wouldn’t you choose good old Fuerte? Sitting on a beach, tapping away on a laptop whilst enjoying a cool drink and unbeatable views must come somewhere near the top of a list of perfect working environments.

But before hopping on that plane, there are questions you need answers to:

  • Can I work remotely from Fuerteventura?
  • Is there a remote workers’ community in Fuerteventura?
  • What does Fuerteventura offer remote workers?
  • Are there co-working spaces or accommodation?
  • How far will my salary get me?
  • What’s there to do when I’m not working?

Luckily for you, we met up with Alex and the Remote Worker Community to ask those very questions.

To find out what they had to say, check out Breeze magazine issue 1, page 22. 

It’ll have you searching for your passport.–yhhpmneh4

So can I vote here?

The local elections are looming, and people just like you are asking questions …

‘How do I vote?’

‘Is eligibility to vote automatic?’

‘What criteria do I have to meet in order to vote?

Naturally, not just anyone can vote.

There are residency issues to be considered. Your nationality plays a role too, as what’s required differs depending on whether you’re an EU national or a citizen of a ‘third country’.

What is the same for everyone, though, is that you need to start getting your ducks in order now if you want that all important vote.

Click the link to read Breeze magazine’s article with Juan Carlos Caballero Bordon, head of the electoral census office for the province of Las Palmas. He spells it all out for you.

Not just that though. Keep your eyes peeled for information on how and when you get your vote. We’ll be posting articles both here and on our Facebook page.


Are you an EU national who wants to vote?

Are you from Ireland, Germany, Italy, France or another EU country?

If you’re on the empadronamiento in La Oliva, you have the right to vote in the upcoming elections. It’s your chance to put down your marker.

But steady on. It’s not quite that simple, is it? 

Let’s face it, you wouldn’t expect it to be, would you? You can’t just turn up on polling day and pop an ‘x’ in a box.

As you’ll probably know, the man chosen at the last election to be mayor was ousted in what amounted to a political coup.

But far from being defeated though, Ísai Blanco will once again be leading Coalición Canarias (CC) into the elections. 

But before we go any further, it’s important that you understand the vital role CC has played in Stronger Together. 

They understood from the beginning what Stronger Together wanted to achieve. They provided expert knowledge and encouragement whenever we needed it, and they allowed us to use their party headquarters free of charge. It was the kind of support that really helped us in those early days.

That, as they say though, was just the tip of the iceberg.

You see, the more we’ve worked alongside them, the more apparent it’s become that our vision, aspirations and goals are their vision, aspirations and goals. We both want a safe, clean place to live in. We both want better medical, social and community services. And we want a greater use of clean, renewable energy.

In short, we both want La Oliva to be municipality all others strive to be like. 

Perhaps most significant for you though, is that CC recognises the vital role non-Spanish residents play in life in La Oliva. They value them, their skills and talents, and they want to see them integrated into the local community as equals. They want you here. 

We imagining what we’ll be able to achieve together. With the CC’s support, we’ll be able to expand current projects and kickstart new, exciting ventures. 

This is why Stronger Together has affiliated itself with Coalición Canarias.

This is why we believe that we’ll be even stronger together.

Which brings us back round to voting. 

So stick with me here – this is important. You might be asking yourself how to register to vote. And I wouldn’t be surprised if you expect it to be a long, complicated process. It wouldn’t be a surprise now, would it?

Well, that’s where we come in. 

If you have an EU passport, you can register your intent to vote now. It’s a simple process, but Stronger Together is here to make it simpler still. 

All you need to do is pop into the office. It’ll take two minutes to fill out a very basic form, and we’ll even go with you to the council office to hand it in if you want. 

If it’s easier for you, you can pick up a form from Anno 2011.

That’s it. All done. Zero stress.

It’s quick and easy, and you’ll get that vote.

Not got an EU passport?

Things are a bit different for you. But don’t worry, you just need a wait a little longer to get the ball rolling. As soon as it’s time to act, we’ll give you a nudge.


Looking for wellness ideas?

Relax. Chill. Kick back. Recharge.

They’re different terms for conveying the same concept: disconnecting from the hecticlifestyles we tend to live, and allowing our bodies, minds and spirits to reset.

Fuerteventura is famed for its slowed-down, laidback pace of life, of course.

But if you want a bit more than simply whiling those holiday hours on some of the best beaches the world has to offer, you’ll be far from short of options.

Fancy a massage? How’s a yoga or Pilates session grab you? Meditation your thing?
They’re all readily available. You can even do them on the beach at sunrise or sunset if that’s your thing – pretty much the perfect combo.

Anyway, check out our article in Issue 4 of Breeze to find out about Frauke, a yoga teacher with over 40 years’ experience of wellness on the island.

Just click ‘magazine’ at the top of the website to find it.


Stars at night in Fuerteventura

If someone asks you what there is to do here, what do you answer?

Spending relaxing days on beaches of outstanding beauty? A trip to the zoo? A sightseeing tour?

All fantastic, but they’re really just the tip of the Fuerteventura iceberg.

Did you know that the relative lack of artificial light here means that the Canary Islands offer some of the best conditions in the world for viewing the sky at night? Or that Fuerteventura is even a certified a starlight reserve, which means it’s protected by light pollution regulations?

Now, stargazing might not be something that’s crossed your mind before. It hadn’t crossed ours.

But then we met Karen of Stars at Night, whose passion of the night sky is infectious. Oh, and we sent our Alex off to experience this unique excursion for herself.


Umm, to find out more, check out our article in Issue 4 of Breeze – just click on ‘magazine’ at the top of the website to take you there.

It’s well worth the read.


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Can you help us help others?

We’re a non-profit organisation, but we still have bills to pay.

Your kind donation will help us help those in need.

It’s quick and easy.

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Thank you

Where the association came from

Our desire to help

The association was born from a desire to help people, to improve things, to help the nationalities integrate but generally to improve the life of everyone in Fuerteventura.

Lockdown gave me the time to think and to plan and after a conversation with some of my close friends, they agreed to help me on my crazy mission. Tara, my daughter along with Kirsty my sister helped me take my ideas into reality. Elaine became my president and Rob my treasurer. Mandy and Andrea agreed to become vocals. A team was built and with the determination of regular zoom calls whilst locked in our houses we put a plan together…

We actually realised we could genuinely help people and become a support unit. Somewhere that residents could go for help and genuinely receive it…without being charged an exorbitant amount of money.

Become that friend that people need when they are left alone in a strange country.
Build a framework of fun activities for people to participate in.
Offer everyone the chance to learn Spanish at a really good price.
Involve the members in building their association and developing it into the backbone of the community.

and that’s why we came up with this crazy idea…